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there is no disc 3

2009-11-22 14:43:13 by AwesomeOrNawt

too bad

I'm kinda angry now because I can't seem to get it done by the date I give.
I am no longer giving a date for it. It will come out when I'm done.

Aw man! Well, might as well start on DISC 03 of SBC's Adventures then.
Oh, and it will have a little extra to it. (Delayed to Nov. 15)

It won't necessarily be any better, I'm just working on my Halloween project.

=D I started making it just now and it will be out on Thursday.
You wish you knew what it looked like, don't you.

Cat walk

2009-09-24 19:41:17 by AwesomeOrNawt

I am making a game called cat walk right now.
It's gonna be epic.

My goal

2009-04-09 12:57:25 by AwesomeOrNawt

My ONLY goal right now is to make a flash that doesn't get blammed!
If you have any tips, comment.


2009-04-02 00:02:29 by AwesomeOrNawt

WTH is wrong with this china thing.


2009-03-19 10:10:05 by AwesomeOrNawt

I'm working on my next project right now.
Its gonna be epic unlike my other flash.
I hope your ready >:D